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Horizontal transfer refers to a student's transfer from one program of study to another which is equivalent in content. Horizontal transfers may be carried out within the university or between universities.

Students who have the right to continue their studies at their designated undergraduate programs may apply for transfers to 4-year undergraduate or 2-year associate programs  of Eastern Mediterranean University in accordance with specified rules and regulations.

Conditions sought for horizontal transfers are as follows:

  • Not being expelled from a university,
  • Possessing a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.00 out of 4.00 or 60 out of 100,
  • Not having any re-taken courses from former semesters,
  • Applications for transfers are submitted for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th academic semesters.

Applications of candidates whose conditions are suitable for the conditions specified above are finalized by the Faculty Board with a consideration of the views of the relevant department's board and the quotas specified by the departments.

Required Documents for Application:

  • Application form (to be obtained from the Registrar's Office or our website.)
  • High school diploma photocopy
  • Original transcript
  • Course content
  • One photo
  • A bank receipt confirming the payment of the application fee.

Evaluation and Finalising of Applications:

Applications not rejected during the preliminary evaluation of the Registrar's Office are finalized in line with the decision of the School or Faculty Executive Board and in accordance with the criteria determined by the said board.

Formerly taken courses of a student whose application for transfer has been found favorable by the School or Faculty Executive Board are communicated to the Registrar's Office as the "exempted courses" alongside with the former course codes, new course codes, reference codes and letter grades.

 Internal Horizontal Transfers

Applications for horizontal transfers within the university are submitted to the Registrar's Office within the specified dates. School or Faculty Boards are the administrative organs evaluating and finalising the applications.

Students studying at four-year undergraduate programs may apply for transfers to other four-year undergraduate programs or two-year associate programs. Students studying at two-year associate programs may apply for transfers to other two-year associate programs.

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