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Course Registration


Students Studying at the Preparatory School

  • Course registration procedures of the students studying at the Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School are directly carried out the preparatory school. Students are not required to follow up any procedures regarding their course registration.
  • Students of the Preparatory School can access their course timetable through their student portals.

Students who have gained the right to study in their departments

  • Students who are entitled to study in the department are required to complete their course registrations with their advisors during the 'Course Registration' period specified in the academic calendar.
  •  Students who have completed their course registrations can access their course timetable on their student portals.
  •   Adding or dropping courses on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar is done together with the academic advisor.
  •  Students who wish to withdraw from the course they are enrolled in should carry out their withdrawal ((W) withdrawal) process online via the student portal.


  • Course registrations of current students who are studying in their designated department are carried out in two stages; first online and then accompanied by the academic advisor, on the dates specified in the academic calendar.
  • Upon choosing their courses online, students must have their chosen courses approved by the academic advisor in order to be registered.
  • Students who are unable to carry out their course selection online must complete their course registrations directly with their academic advisors during the 'Course Registration with Advisor' period specified in the academic calendar.
  • Withdrawal from a course, adding a new course or changing a course are carried out and evaluated following the online application of the students via their portals on the dates specified in the academic calendar.

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