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Prior to the start of COMPULSORY INTERNSHIP practice of students at associate and undergraduate programs, the following documents are required for the completion of insurance procedures:

Compulsory internship form:

    1. 3 photos
    2. 1photocopy of ID 
    3. A bank receipt confirming the payment of 5 TL for each day of internship practice.
    4. A formal document from the place where internship practice will be carried out indicating the admission of the student to the internship practice. (or the employer's stamp and signature on the specified section in the form.)
  • Documents stated above are prepared as 3 copies.
  • 2 out of these 3 copies are submitted to the officer at the Registrar's Office. The remaining copy is submitted to the department.

All required documents should be submitted to the Registrar's Office latest by two weeks before the start day of the internship practice.

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